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February 05,2021 | Posted By Linda Del in Real Estate
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Jake Del with MOnarch Realty explains why REAL ESTATE AND INTERIOR DESIGN is A PERFECT MATCH

Today, I want to breakdown the beneficial relationship Realtors and Interior Designers share. This can be seen on any number of HGTV shows but it’s true! Real Estate and Interior Design are a match made in heaven and here is why.
  1. Designers help buyers see the vision for what a home could be.
The process of buying a new home can be daunting. Great homes can be easily overlooked if their potential isn’t seen clearly. One of the main reasons Realtors need interior designers is to help buyers understand the big picture. If you’re looking for a new home but have trouble envisioning how you would use the space or make it your own, a designer can help!
I love walking homes with potential buyers. The best part of being a designer turned agent is that I can sprinkle in design advice to help inspire. I am always seeing the potential in properties that others may not. For some It may be difficult to look past an odd shade of paint on the wall or some shaggadelic carpet but simple cosmetic changes can transform a home from an ugly duckling into the gem of the neighborhood.
  1. Recommendations on renovations to increase the value of your home. Plus, local referrals to help get the job done!
There are many ways to use interior design to increase a home’s market value. Expert designers and agents will tell you to focus on the kitchen and bathrooms. When I tour a home with a client, I encourage clients to take design risks and consider valuable upgrades. There is great value in real estate when you renovate. Even the most stubborn buyers can be persuaded with a huge spike in resale value when the end result is an inspiring, spectacular home it’s a win/win. Functionality is important. For older homes where the rooms feel closed off and the lighting isolated, I provide structural recommendations. Bringing an older home into the modern world appeals to real estate buyers. While capitalizing on interior design trends does appeal to some home buyers, I’m not one for focusing on fads. I suggest more iconic fixtures like statement chandeliers or a high-contrast color palette.
  1. Designers can help sellers in staging their home to get the broadest appeal of buyers
If you’re in the real estate market to sell, an interior designer can assist with bringing the best out of your home by bringing in the furnishings and accessories that are poised to sell that home. If a home’s listing has stunning photos, it’s more likely that people will visit the house in person. For home buyers who can’t visualize the potential of an empty room, staging is a game changer. I bring value when I effectively communicate the purpose of a room. An interior designer can help real estate clients see an alcove on the stair landing as a reading nook. Or a spare bedroom as a home-office.  

If you have any questions about selling or buying a home on the Central Coast include the Monarch Realty Sales Team for the most comprehensive real estate service available. 


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